unnamed-1-300x300IdHAIR elements have emerged due to strong harsh north climate, as well as knowledge of the structure of the hair. IdHAIR products contain natural elements of the best raw materials and do not contain any parabens. Enjoy a pleasant relaxing scent of cleanliness at the same time as the products embrace and caress your hair!

Unique PSC compound (PRE STYLING COMPLEX) not only does it prepare for future hair shaping, but also protects them from beginning to end. PSC includes the Nordic cotton, which is particularly precious ingredient, because it forms a protective and moisturizing film on your hair. PSC also offers UV and heat protection and thus prevents hair dryness, as well as to give them maximum protection against the sun side effects, as well as heating equipment heat. Because the products are specifically developed for Nordic hair, they make even the most delicate and fragile hair clean, healthy, shiny in a simple way.
Great silky hair, while reinforcing their structure and natural resistance – storing your hair’s vitality IdHAIR elements derived products!