unnamed (1)Create curls that look naturally healthy and are gentle on the hair. Organic Curl Systems is enriched with plant amino acids. Curl does not damage your hair, but protects and nourishes the entire curling process. Plenty of nature’s own hair care products and moisturizers (wheat and soy protein).

– 100% free of harmful ammonia and thiogylcolate.

– Use of wheat protein to strengthen and increase the hair protein levels.


Made from wild-growing plants.
Henna (copper), Indigo (black) and cassia (colorless).

Organic Color also takes care of the hair and scalp.

The color is made with organic broth:
Broth containing herbs such. Calendula, peppermint, nettle, sage, etc.

Their task is to enhance the color of the plant and at the same time take care of the hair and scalp.

Natural dye is a good choice for hair and the body, it does not contain artificial chemicals.

Organic color is possible to obtain natural results.
Dark coloring is also possible to a certain point.
Plants can not lighten, but beautiful lighter shades can be achieved, if your base is already light.

Henna makes a gorgeous and intensive copper color.
The hair will become better after each use and gets a brilliant shine!

I highly recommend!


20140822_114826-e1424285732784-180x300Seaweed treatment is usually recommended when coloring with the first plant color.

It can clean hair and scalp impurities such as metals.

Seaweed Treatment moisturizes and treats the hair. Very good for naturally curly hair .

It is also possible to make a simple treatment, but not in the context of the synthetic color.
Fits well in conjunction with the Indian Head Massage. Enhancing the cleaning of the body and hair.


A relaxing massage where the arms, shoulders, neck, head and face are massaged!

An organic oil is added to hair, which treats the hair and scalp. The massage takes around 30 minutes, after which the hair is washed and dried.

The Indian Head Massage cleanses the body and invigorates the mind.


Organic Color Systems is the new and revolutionary color for the truly artistic professional colorist interested in standing out with a highly-exclusive niche market.

• 64 intermixable colors, concentrates, brighteners, and lighteners.
• The most natural, certified organic ingredients with absolutely no ammonia.
• True to color chart results with infinite flexibility to unleash your creativity.Organic colorsystems
• Semi, demi or permanent results.
• Up to 3 levels of lift with color and up to 7 levels of lift with lightener.
• Supreme 100% grey coverage of even the most resistant grey hair.
• Cleaner blondes and beautiful reds that fade on tone.
• Longer lasting tonal values that virtually eliminates color fade.



20140822_115208-300x180Very good treatment for various scalp problems. The Mud Treatment has the ability to take care of
for example, oily, dry, flaky scalp, and a great care for sufferers of hair loss.
The Mud Treatment clears scalp buildup, product residues and takes care of the scalp.
This treatment is combined with an Indian scalp massage. Enhancing the cleaning of the body and hair.