10985962_790068837736168_1891341016341012116_ndavines englishDavines is an Italian, high quality hair cosmetics producing family business. We operate ecologically and we use the best natural raw materials in our products.

Davines started out in Parma Italy in 1983, when the Bollat family established a research laboratory, where selective hair care products were produced for known cosmetics companies around the world. Ten years later the family business decided to create their own selective hair salon brand. The family’s love and commitment towards the series is expressed by the name, Davines, where the founders child’s names Davide and Stefania are combined.

“By creating sustainable beauty we encourage people to take care of themselves and the environment, in which they live and work. We encourage to take care of things which you love.”

Davines has focused in creating quality products from the start, which are scientifically developed to work in the highest level and express the family business’s unique style, soul and ethical values.


Our pledge, Sustainable Beauty, is the core of our philosophy. Our most important values are sustainable beauty, sustainable progress and communality.  We think that ethical and ecological values are very important.

We gladly get acquainted with industry’s latest trends and transformations. We stand in a changing world yet always behind our philosophy. Curiosity, enthusiasm and soft set of values are things which we want to communicate to all you belonging in our Davines community.


Zero Impact is a project in which we concentrate in lowering, reducing  and compensating CO2-emissions, which come from producing activities, products, services and events. Emissions are compensated by planting and protecting new forests in Italy and other parts of the world.

In 2006 Davines got to be the first Italian professional cosmetics business, which is part of this project.

Now Davines has been made the official envoy of the Zero Impact-project: Ambassador 2013. We can all be proud that we have been working to support this important project. We have been able to bring about the following results during the last eight years:

  • over 10 miljon products have been produced in accordance with the Zero Impact project.
  • Sustainable Beauty Day, Davines’s own Zero Impact-event had taken part over 400 hair salons in Italy, in which resulted to 67 000€ for charity for the good of the Italian and Madagascar’s forests.
  • 300 000 square-kilometers of forest is protected due to Davines.

For producing our products we use energy, which is produced by renewable natural resources. We only use FCS-certified paper, which is produced of wood harvested in accordance with strict environmental acts and sustainable progress principles.

We encourage our customers to sustainable progress. Our products are not tested on animals.


10155618_756926451050407_2326612381398162006_nBright color & healthy hair

Alchemic provides you with the richest pigmented color shampoos and conditioners.

Alchemic protects the hair color from discoloration and deepens their tone.

You get to enjoy your gorgeous hair tone longer.


Essential Haircare -products!

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